Instructions for certifying your business

Register user and business

Log into and make sure you are a registered user. register your user account first. Once registered select the Register then click Business then click the business Icon. Fill out all the information requested, and wait for a confirmation email. Once you click on the confirmation email you can then log in. It is important that for your business you use your user email.


Once you have registered your user account and then registered your business. Log in to Knyou with your user account and then on the top left corner where there is a large bubble with your avatar’s picture, click it and you will have menu apear.
On the home page you can view your posts in the pop up menu you will see many options for the configuration of you account.


Once you are on the pop up menu, you should see in the large center square an icon with your business name. Click the business icon and enter the email you registered when you registered your business. **Remember you might have selected a different password to manage your account.

Landing Page

Once you have input your password and it is accepted it will take you to your businesses landing page. Once there select your icon on the top left and you will be given the campaigns menu so that you can manage your campaigns. Make sure to select only the map, coupons, web cube and mobile cube options. All others will be disabled once you enter.

Create your campaigns

Select new campaign name your campaign. Once you have named it fill out the options. Make sure you have your images read for the cubes as well as any art work needed. For any questions contact