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    About Us
    Knyou Corp

    175 SW 7TH ST SUITE 1601 - MIAMI,
    FL 33130-2956.

    "The power of your voice matters at Knyou".

    Is the first social community where your voice is taken into account, with our unique and novel rating system, that is inclusive and provides a precise metric for evaluation.

    You can change your ratings and/or opinions in an instant, reevaluate your opinion every time you use a product or service, because our ratings are dynamic.

    Remember at Knyou, businesses can not pay to modify or eliminate your ratings and comments.
    Remember "The power of your voice matters at knyou"

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    The objective of knyou is to serve as a reference for our users in real time. If you generate a rating and comment, you help other users make a better decision in their purchases. There is no one better to recommend a product or business than someone who has actually used that service or tested its quality.

    For a more optimised and efficient reference we generate a novel summary of the ratings in the following format:

    People's General Analytics Rating

    An Upstar is given when the user's rating reflects a satisfactory experience.
    A Cerostar is given when the users wants to reflect a neutral opinion.
    A Downstar is given when the user's rating reflects that they have had an unsatisfactory experience, or it has not met its expectations.

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