DUBLIN, NOVEMBER 3-5, 2015 home to the largest technology conference on the planet.

As I’m sure you know, close to 22,000 people from over 110 different countries, are arriving to Dublin, and you have the opportunity to not only increase your earnings, but also to be renowned throughout the world because of your products excellent quality and service.

E.J. - CEO


Knyou is a new social network that forms part of the 2015 web summit with the ALPHA distinction, and we want to create an alianze with you. We can make sure they locate you and increase your foot trafic in a great way.

Certify your business before october 20 without any cost to you at www.knyou.com and obtain totally Free the following advertisements slots for this promotion.


Here people can locate your establishment.

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Direct link to your website.


Display your coupons and generate more traffic.


This is your businesses personal landing page where rating and commentaries about your business are displayed as well as images.

*** The only prerequisite for this offers is that you create or publish coupons and upload them to Knyou in our coupons section. Once you certify your business send an email to helpus@knyou.com to recieve your promotion code.

How will Knyou help create a greater affluence of clientes for your business?

Simple, the SECRET is word of mouth (WOM). Its been demonstrated that Word of Mouth is 10x more effective than traditional advertisement, and this impacts a purchasing decision up to 50%. Knyou is a social platform that integrates the mechanism of WOM as its main vehicle to potentialise business. In addition Knyou will distribute publicity prior to the event of web summit, with the objective that users will find you on the confidence generated map. The most recognisable and recommended businesses rated by users are displayed there and your discounts will reach those clients during the event.

We have a database of thousands of local users that will make this an easy task, and your business will also be present.

The #secretformula for our clientes:

Quality in service and products
Many recommendations =